Kibbeh beef with vegetables

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What love men? Vegetables and meat - the world's best sandwich! Stuffed burgers 100 pounds recipe is a hit! One their fragrance will enchant sweet, and it hastens you for the flowers! Recipe for grinder OURSSON MG-2010-1310.

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Ingredients for Kibbeh beef with vegetables

Step by step instruction of cooking Kibbeh beef with vegetables

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1. Cut onions and beef into pieces that pass freely through the feed opening of the grinder.

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2. Mince with shallow bars prepared ingredients.

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3. Season with salt and pepper.

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Mix thoroughly and freeze in the freezer up to a tight state (the meat should solidify, but remain plastic).

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4. Chop the vegetables finely and fry them in sunflower oil, salt, pepper...

Шаг 6

Cool them to room temperature and mince with a large grille.

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5. Assemble the meat grinder in equipment for the manufacture of cutlets (see instructions) and form blanks for kibbeh.
6. Install a meat grinder attachment for thin sausages, place into the hopper vegetable stuffing and stuff her blanks for kibbeh.

Шаг 8

7. Secure the edges of the blanks for kibbeh stuffed.

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8. Fry kibbeh beef with vegetables in hot oil and serve as a main dish.