Serbian ustipci

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It is unlikely you will find a Serbian woman, who cannot cook and never cooked ustipci (note: accent on the U). This hearty dish is often prepared in Serbian homes Breakfast, dinner, or just as snacks between meals. Ustipci often eat hot, with sugar. Of course, you can and sauces, sour cream, jam, honey, still tasty...

Ingredients for Serbian ustipci

Step by step instruction of cooking Serbian ustipci

Шаг 1

Mix the flour, salt, sugar and dry yeast. Gradually add the water until very soft (but not liquid!) dough. It is necessary to mix with a wooden spatula (in any case, do not knead with your hands, the dough is too soft and sticky).

Give the dough stand for an hour in a warm place. It should increase in volume.

Шаг 2

Take a deep pan, pour sunflower oil about the thickness of a finger. Hydrated tablespoon get a little dough (dough does not need to mix) and drop in hot oil. Fry on medium heat until Golden brown. (During cooking you need to add oil, as the dough absorbs it quickly.) Then turn our ustipci and fry them until cooked, ie, until Golden brown.

Шаг 3

Lay them on a napkin to remove excess fat. Our ustipci ready! Can be eaten with sugar, honey, jam, condensed milk; and sour cream, ketchup or any sauce; and it is possible and just like that, without anything. :) Bon appetit!