Cheesecake-chocolate cake with cherries

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Chocolate cake is very good with sweet and sour filling and a cherry, and cheese. And in cooking there is nothing difficult.

Ingredients for Cheesecake-chocolate cake with cherries

Step by step instruction of cooking Cheesecake-chocolate cake with cherries

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Mix all ingredients for cheese layer. Beat. Spread on the bottom of the bowl MV, oiled. If you are not sure that he is well and then fall behind, then at the bottom put a circle of baking paper and grease it with oil.

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Biscuit also all mix.

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Pour chocolate batter into cheesecake layer. To put a cherry and drown it in chocolate dough. Bake on the mode "Baking" 60 minutes.

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The finished cake to remove with the bowl for roasting. Allow to cool.

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For the icing melt the chocolate, add cream and butter, the amount of which can vary slightly in either direction, depending on desired consistency of glaze. Cover the cooled pie. Sprinkle with something beautiful. And put them in the cold for the glaze.