The most useful porridge without cooking

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Again, oatmeal... you say? I suggest you try this method of cooking in which all the useful properties, which are inherent in the oats are preserved. Oats is a natural product low in fat and high in fiber. Beta-glucan contained in oats, helps to lower cholesterol. Also there are many b vitamins and minerals. Flax seeds deserve the reputation of a super product with three components: fatty acids, omega-3, lignans and tissue. Very useful flax seeds for people suffering from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, liver, kidneys and thyroid. The inclusion in the diet of flax seeds is the prevention of thrombosis, significantly reducing the risk of cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Regular consumption of Flaxseed in food improves immunity, improves intestinal peristalsis, has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system, restores blood flow to the tissues, stabilizes blood sugar, promotes weight loss. Help yourself!

Ingredients for The most useful porridge without cooking

Step by step instruction of cooking The most useful porridge without cooking

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Being prepared in the plate. No need to boil and shift. In a bowl put the oat flakes, flax seeds and cinnamon.

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I use oat cereals of TM "Mistral". Regular, NOT QUICK cooking!

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Fill with boiling water, stir and leave on the table the lid on for 5 minutes. During this time all the water is absorbed and the flakes will swell.

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Then add yogurt, honey and berries. Berries can take any.

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Stir and eat immediately!