Salad "Miracle" with original dressing

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Salad I found in my old records under this name. Recipe salad seasoned with vegetable oil with vinegar. I offer you my original version of the filling, which is perfect for salads with fresh vegetables.

Ingredients for Salad "Miracle" with original dressing

Step by step instruction of cooking Salad "Miracle" with original dressing

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First prepare the dressing. For this to take 3-4 slices of eggplant and saute in a small amount of water until cooked (can be cooked in the microwave). Grind into a puree. Put into the refrigerator (briefly). Rast. butter and egg is also cool (like making mayonnaise). To get slightly chilled products. The yolk separated from the protein and mix with sugar, lemon juice and mustard. Gradually pour in the oil. Add salt and eggplant puree.

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All beat in a homogeneous mass. If the dressing is too thick in your opinion, dilute slightly with water or lemon juice. Add spices to taste. For example, I add ground cloves on the tip of a knife. You can add pepper, garlic, ginger... you can play with flavors. Ready to pour the filling into the bowl.

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Cut all the vegetables into thin half-rings. You should get equal amounts of all vegetables. I marinated the onions for 10 minutes in a mixture of vinegar, water and sugar. But it is not necessary. Eggs to boil.

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Lettuce cut into strips. Chicken breast cubes.

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Mix all the vegetables. Put on a plate.

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Decorate with quartered eggs and olives (I have green, but better of course).

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When serving, pour dressing. Bon appetit!