Snack cake "Napoleon" with shrimp mousse

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Amazing recipe! Every component of this dish can be used separately. Cream mousse is the perfect complement to Breakfast, but the recipe custard pancakes with kefir I recommend everyone to take note - they're incredible! And if you combine this delicate shrimp mousse and the delicious delicate pancakes, it turns out this is such a wonderful snack cake. Come on in, happy to share the recipe!

Ingredients for Snack cake "Napoleon" with shrimp mousse

Step by step instruction of cooking Snack cake "Napoleon" with shrimp mousse

Шаг 1

Prepare the pancakes.
Beat eggs with sweet soy sauce

Шаг 2

Pour the warm yogurt

Шаг 3

Add the sifted flour, mix well, breaking lumps

Шаг 4

Intensive stirring to not curdle the eggs, pour the boiling water. Add soda

Шаг 5

Pour vegetable oil, stir and bake pancakes in the usual way, in the pan, oiling its small number of CMV Rast. oil

Шаг 6

Pancakes make an amazing - perforated, soft and tender, but elastic, not torn and easily overturned, does not stick to the pan.

Шаг 7

If you wish, trim the edge of the pancakes to make the cake turned out smooth and beautiful. Cropping is useful for design

Шаг 8

Cook shrimp cream mousse.
Finely chopped onion fry with carrots in vegetable oil, stir in thawed shrimp, make a strong fire, pour soy sauce in the wok for frying and fry shrimp with vegetables. Moisture appears, not byprivate it strongly, otherwise the mousse will turn out too thick. I held the shrimp on the fire for about five minutes.

Шаг 9

Shift the contents of the pan together with the liquid in a food processor and chop. Cool and add cream cheese. Mix. Cream mousse is ready. By the way, it can be done not only shrimp, but also from salted fish - salmon, trout, chum salmon, salmon...

Шаг 10

Every damn lubricated with a thin layer of mousse, folded pile. Apply the mousse on top and sides of cake, sprinkle with chopped crumbs of pancake scraps.