Egg porridge

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Today we prepare a new egg filling. I got the idea from Ki-Jedda

Ingredients for Egg porridge

Step by step instruction of cooking Egg porridge

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A very simple recipe, but such a field for imagination. We do of egg gruel in a water bath with any additives - at least with salmon, cheese, tomatoes, ham, mushrooms, etc.
Today I want to buy You a porridge with salmon and oatmeal.
Cheese grate, finely chop fish. Garlic passed through the press.

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In a larger saucepan, pour hot water and put on fire. Saucepan of a smaller amount supposed to be cold and with a heavy thick bottom. It knocks eggs at room temperature. Put the saucepan with the eggs in the hot water, reduce the fire to a little less than average and begin to actively stir the eggs with a wooden spatula.

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When the eggs begin to thicken, pour them cereal, fish and cheese. Add olive oil and, if desired, butter.

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To this clover will be very interesting to use olive oil with some distinct taste and aroma. Today I use butter with truffle flavor, but often take garlic oil. Stir and remove from heat.

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Porridge put in beautiful tins if glasses and served with thinly sliced toasted toast instead of spoons.