Apples stuffed with beets (in convection oven)

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This recipe is from the book of recipes for aerogrill Helena Gorokhovets. I make these apples for a long time, but I don't know what they relate - to dessert? or to snack? But I know for sure: apples stuffed with beets - delicious and a lot like. They can be eaten for Breakfast and in the afternoon, and when on a diet. And might be served as a snack on the table for the guests. Interesting is the reaction of guests, who see apples with beets for the first time. At first they look: what they say is inside the Apple? Then, when I tell you, they look with astonishment and skepticism. And some barely restrained so as not to say "I". After try - their faces are enlightened, and they cry out, "and nothing! edible!" And quite at the end: "cuuuuuuute!" And "and you?" Try it and You, dear povaryata, apples stuffed with beets! PS the cooking time are subject to a cooking beets.

Ingredients for Apples stuffed with beets (in convection oven)

Step by step instruction of cooking Apples stuffed with beets (in convection oven)

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First, you need to boil (or bake) beets, but do not digest. The cooled beets to clear and RUB on a small grater. And immediately sprinkle the beets with lemon juice.

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Chop the greens and walnuts. And add the greens with nuts, beets. Add horseradish, salt to taste and sugar. All mix and fill with vegetable oil (I used sunflower refined "IDEAL")

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Wash the apples and wipe. Remove the core (not through!).
Form, if required, a little grease with vegetable oil. Put in the form of apples.
p. S. Hole, you can do a little wider than I do today. For this recipe I like to use apples "tight" but not really "oak")))

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Carefully dump apples beet mass. Put the form stuffed with apples in aerogrill.
Set the parameters: temperature 180 degrees, fan speed - low
Apples should bake for 10-15 minutes, depending on size and maturity.

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Apples ready to gently shift to the dish and serve.