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Crackers rustic

Crackers rustic

These crackers are not for losing weight... since in the goose fat or lard. But no eggs and almost no sugar. But they are very tasty and rassypchatyh... Offer you three options: normal, with flax seeds and sesame seeds, and sugar... But can make them quite salty and spicy...

Cooking time- Number of servings-

Ingredients for Crackers rustic

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Crackers rustic

Step 1

Sift in a bowl the rye flour,

Step 2

Add the half-full glass of wheat flour.

Step 3

Add salt, soda, cinnamon and vanilla sugar... Mix well.

Step 4

Pour half of the potato broth and add the fat or lard.
Mix well.

Step 5

And pour the rest of the broth. The dough will be sticky.

Step 6

Add the remaining flour.

Step 7

Will get soft and elastic dough.

Step 8

The part of the dough out thinly and using a normal knife or notched cut into squares.

Step 9

Spread on a baking sheet with parchment.
I have a parchment of poor quality, so for insurance I sprinkled it with flour.

Step 10

Bake at 220 degrees 15 minutes.

Step 11

Another part of the crackers I sprinkled sesame seeds and flax seeds. Well their finger was hurting.

Step 12

Of the remaining part of the test we did a round sweet crackers. Stacked, cut and dipped one side in sugar. Here me and daughter helped. She was rolled, she cut and dipped in sugar.
Bake at 220 degrees 15 minutes.

Step 13

And get three crackers...

Step 14

All versions are very tasty... But personally I liked the simple, no sugar...

Step 15

Now regular crackers, very crispy and delicious...

Step 16

And this is the fault Oskinova sweet cracker... a Little thicker, something between a cracker and a cookie...