Chicken with pear cream sauce

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When my second mom brought me a whole bucket of pears, of course the question arose: "what to do with them?" First, I wanted to make a pear-lemon jam, and then I thought, "And why at first something with them namudrit, because the jam I will always have time to do?". And here procured on a walk with the children the chicken and found on the shelves of other products, I came up with this this recipe.

Ingredients for Chicken with pear cream sauce

Step by step instruction of cooking Chicken with pear cream sauce

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Rinse the meat under running water and dry with paper towel. Cut into serving pieces (you can take any part of the chicken, but I only like white meat). Fry them on a dry pan over medium heat. First, the meat, of course, stick to a frying pan, when browned, it will move away from the surface.

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Pear clean from the skin and the veins inside and cut into quarters. Prunes pour boiling water. If necessary, leave in hot water.

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Fold the roasted chicken, slices of pears and plums in pots. Add salt, pepper and curry. Mix well.

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Fill the pots with sour cream and close their lids.
Sour cream, I usually get the sauce in advance and give it to warm to room temperature. Then on slow fire is heated and only then use it for the sauce. However this time I was caught completely sour taste sour cream, which began to try to curl even at the stage of heating.
Pots to place in the oven and cook at temperature of 150 degree for about an hour.