Terrine of Turkey with cranberries and pistachios

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Terrine of Turkey with cranberries and pistachios with cranberry sauce. Terrine, an elegant snack, invented by the French. Spicy "bread" is great for a light snack, and for the festive table. Offer to cook one of the variations, terrine of Turkey, with its bright bits of dried cranberries and bright pistachios.

Ingredients for Terrine of Turkey with cranberries and pistachios

Step by step instruction of cooking Terrine of Turkey with cranberries and pistachios

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Fillet of Turkey breast rinse well, dry with paper towel, grind into paste minced (food processor, or twice in a meat grinder with fine bars)
Dried cranberries, rinse, soak in hot water. Softened cranberries dry with paper towel.
Pistachios are coarsely chopped with a knife on the Board.
Divide the eggs into whites and yolks, whip the whites separately.
Minced salt (to taste,=1 tbsp), add mix of herbs (pink pepper, paprika, Basil, oregano, savory, tarragon), cream, egg yolks.

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Stir the mass well "repel", fold in half measures cranberries and pistachios, then spoon stir in beaten egg whites. Put the meat in the fridge for 1 hour.
A baking dish (preferably glass or ceramic)"generously" butter, pour the mixture from the Turkey, on top spread the remaining cranberries and pistachios on top-slices of the remaining butter.

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Bake the terrine in the oven (200 degrees)for about 50 minutes in a water bath (in a large baking dish place a smaller form with the terrine, between forms, pour hot water to half the height of the form. Remove the terrine from the oven, grease the top of the cranberry sauce, place the mold in the oven for another 10 minutes.
Cool the terrine, pour the separated juice. Cooled the terrine, wrap in foil, remove for a day in refrigerator to cool.

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Cooled the terrine is well-cut (not crumbles), a wonderful replacement for meats that looks good on a festive table.