Sourdough rye bread

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Offers a simple recipe for sourdough, which is baked and bake bread, German and Austrian grandmothers. Found the recipe on purpose, to make rye bread recipe Svetlana that successfully turned the ferment without the addition of yeast :).

Ingredients for Sourdough rye bread

Step by step instruction of cooking Sourdough rye bread

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First day. 25 g of flour and 25 ml of warm water (25-30*C, not above 40*C) mix in a jar.

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Get a very thick paste. Cover with plastic wrap with holes or put on top of the lid (do not close tightly). To leave on the table for 24 hours.

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The second day. The mixture in the jar can grow, but not much, the big visible changes are observed. Add 50 g of flour and 50 ml of warm water. To leave on the table for 24 hours.

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The third day. Leaven begins to change and bubble.

Шаг 5

Add 100 g flour and 100 ml of water. Leave on the table for another 24 hours.

Шаг 6

Fourth day. We see a ready-made starter, which can be removed in the fridge (cover is not tight or plastic with holes).

To feed the starter every three days: 20 g flour + 20 ml of water.

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The same Borodino by pre-war standards.

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For full info, add photos, "the fridge". Fresh yeast has settled a bit, but the bubbles did not disappear after feeding she will every time go up a little and become stronger.