Cake to sour the milk in a slow cooker

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Found on the Internet this wonderful cake recipe with jam in the slow cooker. Because I had milk that long ago turned sour, you have to have somewhere to spend it and this recipe came just in time.

Ingredients for Cake to sour the milk in a slow cooker

Step by step instruction of cooking Cake to sour the milk in a slow cooker

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Eggs with sugar thoroughly beat with a mixer. Add baking soda in milk and mix well, add the eggs and stir again, then add the flour, vanilla and again mix well to obtain a homogeneous mass. Grease slow cooker with butter and pour in our watery dough. Top "Krapivin" jam or add raisins and chopped 1/2 chocolate bars in small pieces, and can be done with 2-3 apples (I did with chocolate and raisins).
Set mode "Baking" 60 minutes plus about 10 minutes on the heating.

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Condensed milk cooked in the microwave: 1/3 banks pose for 3 minutes at 700 degrees, stirring every 10 seconds, and then run away.

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And this is the top of the cake. On top decorate with its jam (just a top spread for beauty!) or condensed milk.

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But with condensed milk and chocolate chips and nuts rubbed on a grater.

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Bon appetit!