Eggs stuffed with "Tuna in pistachios"

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Today we have a dish of eggs..! Filling with fish, and gifts from the birds..! And who doesn't love a tasty bite to eat..??, and then a wonderful time to spend..! Simple and easy I have a recipe..! After all, nothing need no snacks..! And as always in the beginning of the festivities.., him opens the table she..!!

Ingredients for Eggs stuffed with "Tuna in pistachios"

Step by step instruction of cooking Eggs stuffed with "Tuna in pistachios"

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Eggs boiled, cut in half lengthwise, removing the yolks. ( mash the yolks with a fork)., tuna mash with a fork ( to drain oil)., onions and dill finely chop., grate on a fine grater cheese.

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Pistachios grind in a blender.

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Mix eggs, onion, dill and cheese, mayonnaise.

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Roll into balls, and breaded them in pistachio crumbs. ( hands slightly moistened in water). Put the balls in half of the eggs. ( toasted rye bread, also delicious! )

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The dish is ready! Bon appetit!