Harvesting pumpkin puree

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I live in America, and, as you know, all the Americans in the fall I love to cook different dishes from pumpkin. It's kind of tradition or ritual. This time of year pumpkins of different sizes and color can be found on every corner. Kids love to paint. They decorate the house. I offer you the recipe of pumpkin puree, which is used for preparing any batch of the pumpkin. Puree turns out tender, soft. It can be frozen and used as needed.

Ingredients for Harvesting pumpkin puree

Step by step instruction of cooking Harvesting pumpkin puree

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This is my beauty.

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Pumpkin wash, cut off the top and cut into slices.

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With a spoon remove seeds and fibers.

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Can pumpkin salt before bake. I do not, but in the original recipe, make it with salt.
Put on a baking tray on a sheet of foil and send in preheated 175 C (350 F) oven for 45 minutes.

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Readiness check with a fork. It is easy to enter into the pumpkin flesh.

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The peel is very easy to separate with a knife.

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Purified pumpkin put in a bowl and mash with tolkushkoy for mashed potatoes.

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And then using the kitchen processor, grind into smooth puree.