Express-dinner for two

96 - 30 минут 2 порции

It's not just a quick dinner, it is also very diet dinner. Because the diet food should be not only low calorie, but still beautiful and useful, and if cooked with love and without much labor, and the continuation of the evening promises to be enjoyable. So, come on in, help yourself, be healthy, light and slim. This fish can be as hot dish and be perfectly fine appetizer for a cocktail reception

Ingredients for Express-dinner for two

Step by step instruction of cooking Express-dinner for two

Шаг 1

The first thing I put to boil the rice bubble mix for 30 minutes

Шаг 2

Fillet of salmon cut plastics

Шаг 3

Mixed sesame oil, lemon juice and soy sauce. Recommend for sesame oil to use for such fish. It is very fragrant, and for a couple it can be used for thermal treatment, it retains all the nutrients, but to fry it

Шаг 4

Marinate the pieces of fish literally 5 minutes

Шаг 5

Then strung on skewers like mine in the photo

Шаг 6

And send in the steamer for 15 minutes

Шаг 7

Lettuce torn into large pieces, built a mound, sprinkled with half rings of red onion, misted with sesame oil, on the salad put the skewers with the fish and warnervale a mixture of wild and beloko rice.
Here and ready our holiday very easy healthy dinner.