Chicken rolls on skewers

70 - 30 минут 4 порции

Chicken rolls on skewers with pate and pickled cucumber. Juicy flavorful chicken grocki rolls with pate and cornichon. Come, I'll treat.

Ingredients for Chicken rolls on skewers

Step by step instruction of cooking Chicken rolls on skewers

Шаг 1

For garnish, I chose rice crispies indica gold in the cooking bags from Mistral. In boiling water sent the bags with rice and now I have 30 minutes to prepare a delicious dinner

Шаг 2

Chicken breast cut it lengthwise into 2 parts and a good beat. Season with salt and pepper

Шаг 3

Combine the cheese, pate, chopped onion, parsley and capers and make the filling-spread

Шаг 4

Sausage (I had veal) cut into thin round slices. You can use ham

Шаг 5

On a broken breast bone to put plastic sausages, spread with filling and put a few cornichons

Шаг 6

Rolling rolls and a sharp knife to cut into pieces 3-4 cm

Шаг 7

Strung on skewers and fry on both sides. Then send in the preheated oven for 15 minutes

Шаг 8

The rice is ready. Serve. Serve the rolls with the lemon and Caprese