Chicken Flemish

109 - 30 минут 4 порции

Took the method of cooking meat in Flemish, only tried with chicken. Was more gently and quickly.

Ingredients for Chicken Flemish

Step by step instruction of cooking Chicken Flemish

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1. Chicken fillet wash, cut into small pieces. Dry a little with paper towels and a little fry in two spoons of oil in a pan.

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2. On the side I have a rice Indica gold bags. Boil in a pot water, put in boiling water a bag of rice and cook on low heat for 30 minutes. Remove the bags to drain excess fluid.

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3. Bacon cut into long strips. Leek (white and some green parts) cut into rings if large onions - half rings. From the pan remove the chicken, add to the pan two tablespoons of oil and fry bacon and onion for a couple minutes.

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4. With a loaf cut off a crust. Heavily grease one side of the loaf with mustard, sprinkle with cumin (Jeera) and pepper.

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5. Fillet stir bacon. Orange pour over boiling water and cut into slices. Put a glass of orange meat with bacon. Orange need, to soften the bitterness of beer.