Seasoning for chicken

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Hi everyone, I want to share with you the recipe of "Seasoning for chicken"! In Germany you can buy a ready-made this seasoning for chicken, which I did when I came here! 10 years ago I found this recipe for seasoning, I use it with pleasure! The chicken turns out very spicy and delicious...

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Ingredients for Seasoning for chicken

Step by step instruction of cooking Seasoning for chicken

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Salt, black and red perezi, curry, sweet paprika mix well!

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I always make 2 servings and store in a glass jar.
Sometimes even give their relatives for Christmas. They are always happy, often yourself asking I mixed up the spices, though the recipe already given everything!

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The chicken can take any! Wash, dry with paper towel.
Olive oil mixed with lemon juice, garlic, crushed through a press, add 4 teaspoons with a slide, ready-made seasoning for chicken. Well-mixed seasoning, RUB into chicken and allow to marinate for a few hours, overnight is just fine.

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The chicken spread on the sheet and bake until Golden brown, about 30-40 minutes at 180 degrees, depending on the part of the chicken.

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The chicken is ready!
Bon appetit!