Vegetable soup

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Light, fragrant, full-bodied... With a small but intriguing acidity, bright and gentle at the same time. Set of vegetables are the easiest. But the history of soup is simple: it so happened that my baby got sick with tonsillitis, and I all head broke, what to feed her so deliciously, hearty, and healthy, and to eat doesn't hurt. And here, soup helps.

Ingredients for Vegetable soup

Step by step instruction of cooking Vegetable soup

Шаг 1

Put on the heat cookware with a thick bottom.
At first I took (what for?) the pan in the process shifted all to the pot. Pour a little oil, I do 50/50 sunflower and olive. Throw garlic, onion, let him sweat a little oil, fill your kitchen with scent ))

Vegetables wash, peel, start to slice.

Шаг 2

As slicing vegetables put in a pot, starting with potatoes, it is the longest prepared. Do not forget to stir the fire the weakest. To cut cubes, not large.
From a squash/zucchini to remove all the seeds. To chop the cabbage.
All in roughly equal shares.

Шаг 3

Combine all the vegetables and lightly fry on a slow fire, 10 minutes.
Salt, pepper. Sprinkle a little olive oil.

Шаг 4

Next, pour broth, simmer until cooked under a lid for about 10 minutes. All the vegetables should be under the broth, if necessary, topped up.
Meanwhile heat in a frying pan butter, sprinkle with flour, fry slightly, add a couple of spoonful of broth and tomato paste. All mix well, switch off, put into the pan.
Stew. Not perederzhivat, vegetables should not be soft after boiling porridge.

Шаг 5

As is ready, turn off and add the herbes de Provence. Let rest 5 minutes, then Porirua with the help of a blender.