Chicken fried with miso traditionally Nagasaki

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I love to collect recipes. And equally as I love cookbooks, and free advertising journals, where sometimes there are very interesting recipes. This recipe has saved me from burning in the stoves, when my mind stumbled upon the issue of the journal МЕТRO dedicated to Japanese cuisine. As an ardent admirer of this cuisine, I could not allow such blasphemy, so the magazine was carefully prelisten, carefully taken home and a couple of recipes from it already had me tested. This simple and quick but delicious recipe of chicken breast will delight lovers of Japanese cuisine, and simply herbs.

Ingredients for Chicken fried with miso traditionally Nagasaki

Step by step instruction of cooking Chicken fried with miso traditionally Nagasaki

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1. Chicken fillet rinse and slightly repel from two sides. Ginger root peel and grate on a grater. Mix olive oil, soy sauce and grated ginger and marinate in this mixture fillet at least 5 minutes.

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2. In a suitable pan to boil water. Put in boiling water a bag of rice and cook on slow fire for 30 minutes. Cooked rice is removed from the water, drain off excess liquid.

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3. Remove the fillets from the marinade, just dry, remove large pieces of ginger. In a pan heat the oil and fry the fillets for 7-8 minutes on one side and 7-8 minutes on the other on medium heat under the lid.

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4. Prepare miso sauce. In a skillet or saucepan, mix the miso paste, broth, sugar. Boil for about a minute. Then you can go two ways. For faster just to add to the sauce a spoonful of starch, diluted in a small amount of room temperature water, pour in the sauce and cook for a few minutes until thick. After cooling the sauce thickens even more.

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5. For the second option, mix the ingredients in a double quantity, put in sauce breast and cook in the sauce for a few minutes (3-5). Then remove the brisket from the sauce and thicken it if necessary with the help of starch, as described above. In both cases, it turns out delicious.