Homemade rolls and nigiri sushi

96 - 60 минут 8 порции

Friends decided for a change to make a Japanese dinner.

Ingredients for Homemade rolls and nigiri sushi

Step by step instruction of cooking Homemade rolls and nigiri sushi

Шаг 1

Add to the rice dressing of rice vinegar. If there is no vinegar, you can prepare the dressing yourself. 100g of vinegar + 3 tsp sugar + 1H. l salt stirring heated on the fire until the sugar is dissolved.
The seasoning in the rice, carefully stir so it evenly covers the rice.

Шаг 2

Cover with the second mold, placed in holes pic and a little sealing with tolkushkoy from the set

Шаг 3

Remove the top shape and get a nice neat 8 nigiri sushi

Шаг 4

If you want beauty, you can tie our nigiri strips of nori

Шаг 5

Then proceed to torque rolls. You can use the Mat and cling film, and a special Mat. I turned the Mat, in the end, adapted to it, but then I gave sushi magic and I now twist only to them.
Lay on the Mat, nori, nori placed a thin layer of rice and put the filling for our roll

Шаг 6

If you want to make a roll rice outside, instead of dancing with cling film, just turn the nori with the rice and put the stuffing already on the sheet of nori so it will be in the middle of the roll

Шаг 7

With the help of our rug roll nice smooth roll

Шаг 8

Rolls rice outside, you can optionally roll them in sesame seeds. It is very useful

Шаг 9

Only 350g of rice I got 5 rolls (one in the picture not included because we ate it))) and 16 nigiri dryers
So nori did not break under the knife, and normally cut, it is necessary to give the rolls a little lie down before cutting. Also it will be much easier to cut the rolls, if the knife be cleaned from the stuck rice after 2-3 cuts.
Bon appetit!