Canapés assorted

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Canapés are prepared quickly, is a recipe in a hurry, the option from the "guests on the threshold". The basis for them can be prepared in advance and finish just before serving. It is convenient for cherished parties. For a nice chat on the sofa or playing Board games in the warm company of canapés disappear unnoticed, as they do not put. So put twice, can't go wrong. The combination of flavors canapés familiar, understandable, they can easily offer to strangers, they hardly anyone will not like.

Ingredients for Canapés assorted

Step by step instruction of cooking Canapés assorted

Шаг 1

With bread cut off the crust, slice as you like. Today I pulled on a round shape :) Fry the bread in a pan in vegetable oil.
This step is repeated in all three options.

Шаг 2

Canapes with cream of sprat: Mix sprats with mayonnaise, use a fork to bring to the state of puree. Melt the gelatin (either in the microwave or in a water bath), mix with mashed mayonnaise and sprat.

Шаг 3

Of bread spread the cream, decorate "tail sprats" and a sprig of mint. The first canape is ready!

Шаг 4

Canapés "Cucumber". Mix cream cheese with finely chopped dill, mayonnaise and gelatin ( prior restofline). Get a very liquid mass, so take her out in the cold for 5 minutes. Thinly slice the cucumber, use peelers. Roll strips of cucumber "snail", cut into ve parts. Cucumber "rose" is ready.
Collect canapés: each bread and spread the prepared mass, garnish with cucumber and a sprig of parsley.
That, and the second canape is ready!

Шаг 5

Canape with herring and lime: Basis as canapés "Cucumber".
Collect the third canapés: Each slice of bread spread with cheese and mayonnaise mass on top of mass lay a piece of herring and a slice of lime. Garnish with sprig of parsley.
That third canapés ready!