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Mediterranean sangria is a very popular drink all over the Mediterranean and the Atlantic coast, so it's difficult to relate it to some sort of one kitchen. Today I want to give the recipe for red sangria (red wine). This drink is very good thirst quencher on hot summer days and is usually served with dishes of grilled meat or fish.

Ingredients for Sangria

Step by step instruction of cooking Sangria

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Cut fruits

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Cut fruit cubes. The orange peel of the Apple, remove the core, chop together with the skin. With a thin knife to remove the zest from one small lemon. (The lemon we need not be!)

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pour the wine, add cinnamon,cover ! withstand a few hours in the fridge

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then take it out pour the wine in a beautiful glass pitcher or in a large bowl (like Cup) pour chilled Sprite (based on 2 thirds of sprite = 1.5 L for 1 third of the wine = 0.75 L) add ice. Recommend once the whole Sprite not to pour,and dilute gradually tasting, maybe someone will have the taste of summer wine with fewer of the Sprite :-)
Serve the drink is very chilled in glasses with fruit! Garnish with mint leaves.

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In the process of serving drink mix with a wooden spoon it also helps to hold the fruit so they are not spilled from the jug.:-))) Bon Appetit!