Mini cake with caramel and chocolate

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Delicate cake with caramel and chocolate, which I want to devote the Check mark (Galchonok22).

Ingredients for Mini cake with caramel and chocolate

Step by step instruction of cooking Mini cake with caramel and chocolate

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First, prepare the dough for crust:
Whisk brown sugar with eggs, add sour cream and baking powder, mix thoroughly. Then gradually introduce the flour. You should get the dough consistency like thick cream.

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Pour the finished batter into the pan, add the chocolate, shattering into small pieces. (Form not more than about 20/25)
Put the cake in the oven for 10-15 min at 180-200 gr. The crust is thin, baked fast!

Шаг 3

While vypekaetsya the cake, prepare the caramel:
In a pan with a thick bottom, on low heat cook the condensed milk with the butter, stirring constantly, about 15 minutes. The mixture should thicken.

Шаг 4

Ready cake cool, slice, and 2 pieces to form the cakes, coat with the caramel.

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Decorate as desired...))