Chocolate tortino

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These very chocolate, mouth-watering, tortino want to congratulate the Cook. ru with seven years and to dedicate this wonderful recipe to the girl-boy who was very supportive of my first uncertain steps on this website - Natasha, nick: FoodStation1.

Ingredients for Chocolate tortino

Step by step instruction of cooking Chocolate tortino

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Chocolate break into slices, cut into small pieces oil.

Шаг 2

In a water bath melt the chocolate and butter.

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While the chocolate butter is heated for 10 minutes beat eggs and yolks with sugar.
Pour the melted butter mixture and chocolate into the beaten eggs and again beat well until smooth.
Add the cocoa, flour, pinch of salt. Knead well with a spoon.

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Tins greased with butter, sprinkle with cocoa or flour.
Put chocolate into molds. Bake for 9 minutes in a preheated 180 degree oven.
I have molds for mini muffins, so these little cupcakes are fully baked.
If you take the shape of normal cupcakes, baking for about 9 minutes at 180 degrees, the inside of the cake is formed, the liquid chocolate is not only chocolate-tasty, but also very interesting. (if overexposed, tartine in the oven - inside liquid chocolate does not work).

Шаг 5

And with the liquid chocolate in the middle, tortino and without it is very tender and tasty dessert.