Vanilla sponge cake with chocolate cream

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Recipe for a slow cooker. Tender and not dry biscuit with a rich taste of vanilla and a hint of caramel, which specifies cane sugar "Mistral" can serve as a base for the cake. I did not make the cake and left the cake as a dessert, covering it in chocolate cream. And this delicious sponge cake with chocolate cream goes in Peter to the box (Galchonok22)! PS the other day in one of the recipes someone (sorry, the phrase is remembered, but the author forgot) wrote that "fails to pack the gifts are very beautiful". Well I don't know how to pack gifts ( ( So do not judge strictly! Gift for Show did wholeheartedly!

Ingredients for Vanilla sponge cake with chocolate cream

Step by step instruction of cooking Vanilla sponge cake with chocolate cream

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In one bowl sift the flour with the baking powder and temporarily set aside.
In another bowl, beat the eggs. And cook a Cup of brown sugar.

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With a mixer beat the eggs with sugar (sugar gradually add parts) to a dense mass and increase in volume. Total beating time should be at least 10 minutes (depends on the power of mixer). How well will the beaten eggs with sugar, depends entirely on the quality of the biscuit.

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Then accurate to enter in the weight of vanilla extract (not the full teaspoon). If there is vanilla extract, you can replace the vanilla sugar, but it should be administered at the stage of whisking the eggs with the brown sugar.
Now begin to gradually parts enter the flour and using a wooden or silicone spatula to stir gently, as if folding the dough.

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Continuing to gently stir, to introduce vegetable oil and cool (!) the boiling water.

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To shift the dough in the bowl multivarki, pre-coated with butter. Set the bowl with the dough in the slow cooker, close the lid, turn the "baking". Approximate time 1 hour.
(For example, this biscuit I have in one slow cooker is baked for 60 minutes and another 1 hour 15 minutes.)
After baking allow the cake to sit (a little cool) in the bowl for 10 minutes, and then take it out using container-steamers and let cool completely on wire rack.

Шаг 6

The cooled cake can be cut into cakes and assemble according to your taste the cake. With vanilla sponge cake well cream-based yogurt, sour cream, cream. I did not cut the cake and assemble the cake because you know the Show will succeed much better than me. For this reason, I chose a lighter option: prepared chocolate cream, and coated his biscuit.
For chocolate cream we have to break the chocolate and temporarily set aside. Meanwhile, in a saucepan pour the heavy cream, put on the stove and heat to boiling. It is in any case not to allow the cream to boil!

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In the heated cream put chocolate and stir until smooth.
Let the cream cool slightly, then put on the biscuit.

Шаг 8

Before serving, top sprinkle with cocoa. And you can still to decorate to your taste.