Cooked sausage "Estonian"

105 - 2000 минут 50 порции

Recipe GOST 23670. Used shell fibrosna 60 mm. Tasty and all!

Ingredients for Cooked sausage "Estonian"

Step by step instruction of cooking Cooked sausage "Estonian"

Шаг 1

Then you can already fill the stuffing into the shell, but I decided to do a very little fat on the cut, so again, skip the meat through a meat grinder with a grid of 4mm;

Шаг 2

After that beef no more to interfere, to fill the shell with minced meat tightly to prevent any air from entering (this shell soaking is not necessary), the ends tightly to pull;

Hang the finished loaves at room temperature for 8 hours (I left overnight);

If the meat from shrinking, then pull the loaves tight again;

Шаг 3

Stick to one of the sausages temperature sensor, put the loaves on the grill d/W;

Starting from 25-30 degrees to raise the temperature inside d/W (slowly, within 3-4 hours) to 80 to 83 degrees until the internal temperature of the loaves 69-71 degrees;

Quickly cool the loaves under a cold shower, put in a cool place for a day;

Store in paper in the fridge or in vacuum;