Pork chops with a secret

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We long for no reason.. if the meal is pork..! And of course fast our faithful men..! To all a hearty meal.., chops cook..! Women, too, need to listen to..!, compromise for everyone in the end..! Meat is for men..!, and for women, a little're gonna cheat..! The taste is a little change.., juicy apples are added..! Imperceptibly it will.. just a gentle tone to the dish..! And then we had our meat.. in a coat warm dress..! So comfortable..!, very cool..!, and for winter its warm..! Juice under coat will remain..! Aroma dwell in it..! Going to be delicious! Will be satisfying..! Flavorful! Delicious!

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Ingredients for Pork chops with a secret

Step by step instruction of cooking Pork chops with a secret

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Warm a pan with vegetable oil, meat before frying a little salt., dipped in batter, and fry until Golden brown. Then or to extinguish in a pan under cover until tender, or bake in an oven not for long..

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The dish is ready! Serve with your favourite side dish.

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Bon appetit!

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Cut the meat into steaks, no thicker than 1 or 1.5 cm to Recapture under the film, but not much ( so as not to lose juice)

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Pepper, and RUB well with mustard. ( salt is not necessary)

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Apple RUB on a small grater, add pressed garlic.

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Coat pieces of meat and leave to marinate, preferably overnight in the refrigerator. ( at least 8 hours)

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To prepare the batter: mix the eggs with mayonnaise. ( can be done in two ways: to introduce to the eggs and the mayonnaise and flour ( the consistency of sour cream.), or before frying roll the meat in flour, then dip in the egg - mayonnaise mixture) Who, like..