Salad "Dress for the autumn ball"

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Offer a salad "Dress for the autumn ball". Well, very tasty, wonderful salad! For lovers of beets, carrots, nuts, etc. Easily and quickly!

Ingredients for Salad "Dress for the autumn ball"

Step by step instruction of cooking Salad "Dress for the autumn ball"

Шаг 1

Separately, boil the sweet carrots and sweet beets. Grate the vegetables on a coarse grater

Шаг 2

Pour the raisins and the prunes in hot water for 10-15 minutes.

Шаг 3

Mix the soaked raisins with grated carrots

Шаг 4

Mix steamed and diced prunes with grated beets. Add the chopped and roasted walnuts

Шаг 5

Cheese varieties RUB on a coarse grater, mix with crushed garlic

Шаг 6

Take any beautiful form. Lay layers. The first layer of cheese, pour mayonnaise

Шаг 7

The second layer-carrots with raisins and also pour the mayonnaise

Шаг 8

The third layer is the beet with prunes and nuts, pour over the mayonnaise

Шаг 9

Repeat layers.

Шаг 10

Take the dish, carefully flip the form on a dish

Шаг 11

The salad is ready. Decorate as desired.