Real sauce for Shawarma

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Probably no man who has not tried Shawarma (or various kinds), well, at least once in your life. Remember early 2000-ies? Stalls and tents grouped around each station, from which there was a strong smell of roasted meat and spices? So, for the doubters: home kebab is a delicious dish that pales in comparison to the unsafe "larechnye" analogy. The recipe for this sauce was given to me (or rather, my husband) is more than 10 years ago from the chef of one of the Eastern restaurant. In the long pull and the secret))) And in my opinion, the proportions are perfect! For many years we have tried various options, experimented, added and removed some ingredients, but quickly realized that this sauce is perfect!

Ingredients for Real sauce for Shawarma

Step by step instruction of cooking Real sauce for Shawarma

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So, mix the mayonnaise, yogurt and sour cream. I recommend to use the product average fat, because low-fat yogurt and sour cream – liquid, respectively, and the sauce will be runny. But we like thicker sauces) I have the Mayonnaise "Maheev. With quail egg."

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Add dry spices and pressed garlic. The original recipe had 2 cloves but I like garlic, always put a little bit more. However, to get involved is not worth it, and that garlic can "kill" spices.

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Carefully mix the ingredients.

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The sauce is ready, but I leave it for 2-3 hours to dry spices have time to "go away".