Spanish “Russian” salad

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Ensalada rusa – Russian salad – can be ordered in virtually any diner in Catalonia. This very popular salad with artichokes, anchovies and olives somehow got the name "Russian". Perhaps someone tried to play our ubiquitous "Olivier" and created this version, which by the way can be a good replacement for this usual Christmas dish. The salad was delicious and versions of it a lot, so let's called Russian.

Ingredients for Spanish “Russian” salad

Step by step instruction of cooking Spanish “Russian” salad

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1. Mix the mayonnaise with the mustard, lemon juice and skip through the press garlic.

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2. Carrots cut into cubes. Beans, if using, cut into two or three parts, depending on the length. Potatoes, carrots, beans and peas boil until tender in separate pots. Artichokes cut in half. Pickles and olives cut into slices, the anchovies are finely chopped.

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3. Finished with the potatoes remove the peel and cut it into large cubes.

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4. Put the vegetables and the anchovies in a salad bowl, pour mayonnaise sauce and stir.