Patty with cheese

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Son loves meatballs, but to prepare every time the same thing gets boring. And so it turns out something new from old standard.

Ingredients for Patty with cheese

Step by step instruction of cooking Patty with cheese

Шаг 1

I had prepared the stuffing. And if not meat, then grind the meat through a meat grinder.

Шаг 2

Peel the onion and wash

Шаг 3

Finely chopped

Шаг 4

Peel the garlic

Шаг 5

To the mince add the onion, garlic, squeezed through chesnokodavku, semolina.

Шаг 6

Salt. Pepper or use a seasoning for meat. I chose Tatar blend of spices. Mix

Шаг 7

Add cream and mix well again

Шаг 8

Cut the cheese into pieces

Шаг 9

Divide the stuffing portions and in each portion put a chunk of cheese

Шаг 10

To form the patties.

Шаг 11

I got 6 cakes

Шаг 12

To prepare the breadcrumbs

Шаг 13

Roll cutlets in breadcrumbs

Шаг 14

And fry both sides until cooked

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Bon appetit!